Heinous Iranian Plot Uncovered to Kill the Saudi Ambassador to the USA

Well yet another brilliant undercover action in the USA bordering on entrapment has revealed a heinous plot by the wicked Iranians to kill the Saudi Ambassador to The USA. In a great leap of logic bordering on the metaphysical, unveiling this plot is also considered an escalation in Iranian terrorist activity targeting Americans everywhere and anywhere, which may, I confess, despite having no evidence whatsoever, just like the American people, just about be true.

The Alleged Target for the Heinous Assasination PLot

The Saudi’s have been wanting the USA to whack the iranian nuclear facilities for quite some time now, and that does not go down well in Teheran, where the Arabs running their slave state in Saudi are despised enemies.That the USA, so dependent on Saudi Oil has made very special friends of the Suadi’s despite their blatant human rights abuses, has further infuriated the fanatics running Iran while perpetrating their very own human rights abuses can easily be seen to leading up to a plot to kill the Saudi Ambassador on US soil.

The Alleged Mastermind behind the Heinouis Plot denying everything

The Iranians know that the USA is so deeply embroiled in extricating itself from a lost war that striking the Natanaz facilities is out of the question for them, so why not have a go at the Ambassador in Washington?

A very relieved Secretary of State in her Sexy Outfit

AS always one will have to rely on the Israelis regarding the Natanz threat, and on that point just about evry state in the region, while condemning Israel, burning effigies and planning new pogroms on Jews, will be secretly and silently thanking them for ensuring that Iran does not become one of two superpowers in the region.

The inevitable Solution to the Problem

Despite all this I will, unlike Americans planning to travel to Europe, ignore the warning that I am in danger when I visit friends in Germany.

©Howard Gamble
11th October 2011

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