The Tevez Circus. Act III.Sc.1

What a wonderful spectacle is taking place at Manchester City, where a player has placed himself above his manager, no doubt imagining himself as a form of sporting God, untouchable. And as each day goes by, his petulance and arrogance are managing to dig the hole he is in even deeper, or at least we should hope so. Does he really imagine that he can place himself above management and ruin one of the basic tenets of the game, that the manager is right no matter what. This is England we are talking about, not America.

The obscene amount of money earned by those gifted clowns from abroad, yes, you heard me right, from abroad, is of course the root of the problem, and Manchester City, on its wild, uninhibited spending spree has itself created the problem it now faces. A huge squad of prima donnas that are almost unmanageable.

Who is in Charge?

As a Liverpool fan, I am enjoying every moment of City’s humiliation, but that is where it must stop, even though I would love to see the other players back him, along with the fans, which is what he is hoping for, and really land City in the compost heap of football.
For once I will here openly praise Sir Alex Fergusen, the greatest manager in English football, who has not hesitated to get rid of players, no matter how great, who threaten the harmony of a team and has put his stamp of authority on everything he does. And look at the results. Can anyone in their wildest imagination imagine a player telling Fergusen he will not play? Scholes did once, and got away with it because he realised the enormous mistake he made and crawled to his manager to apologize. Tevez of course refuses to apologize and continues to prevaricate. No that word is just too fine. Continues to lie through his teeth.

That not too bright hothead has been a source of trouble wherever he has roamed and it is time to expel him from the British Isles and the Premiere League. His antics may go down well in Argentina and Latin America, so that is where he should go.

And while this disgraceful affair unfolds within the world of soccer, I delight in the Rugby World Cup, where the referees and the managers rule and the players play the game.

©Howard Gamble
30th September 2011

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