The Michael Jackson Propofol Trial

Well I suppose I had better write something about the Michael Jackson Doctor’s Trial Affair unfolding in the States and gripping the American public Imagination much as the O.J.Simpson trial did. Americans just love that sort of thing, as does Hollywood and one often where the one begins and the other ends. But the trial is all about who did it.

Michael and his propofol

Well to put the trial in a nutcase Michael Jackson died of an overdose of propofol, a surgical anaesthetic. I will repeat that in case you missed it the first time. Michael Jackson died of an overdose of propofol, a SURGICAL anaesthetic. Now he was using that to get some sleep. Now imagine that. Pretty advanced way of getting some shut-eye if you ask me. The Doctors lawyers are saying that Michael gave himself the medication, which is fairly easy to believe. The prosecution says that the doctor did it. BY the way, the doctor was hired to be Michaels personal doctor on his upcoming tour, so was fairly new to the house rules and medication varieties in the Jackson home.

Propofol ready for action

Its no secret that Michael was fond of his drugs and other things for which he was aquitted and for many it was not a question of how, but rather of when he would either spend a long time in the klink or die of all the stuff he was injecting into his veins. Unfortunately for him, from one point of view, and there are many, he was aquitted by a really nice jury despite underwhelming evidence when he was tired for seducing little boys. In nthat case he may have been enjoying a good nights sleep without needing a surgical anaesthetic.

Anyway, witnesses are being called and every word is being reperated a thousand times over on the hundreds of millions of television sets in that fair land.

Well, I have now done my little bit to spread the news further and shall hereafter desist, as I find it all quite nauseating. But casting caution to the wind I will put in my last word. That doctor is guilty, but only insofar as he was mad enough to accept to be Michael Jacksons doctor in the first place.

©Howard Gamble
30th September 2011

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