Newsflash – Cracks Appearing in the Assad Armour?

It appears as though cracks are starting to appear in the Assad armour. Reports are heard of members of the armed forces deserting to the rebel side, which is a most interesting development. The Officer Corps of the Armed forces is dominated by members of the minority Alamite sect to which the Assad clan belong, but the rank-and-file are mostly Sunni, and therein lies the rub methinks.

The Syrian Uprising. Gangs of Armed Thugs?

While the outer world is doing nothing to stop Assad’s murderous campaign against his own people, it is being left to the people themselves to do something about it. Despite massive assualts from the army where an estimated 3.000 people have been murdered, there is no end to the rebellion. The people are not allowing themselves to be cowed by force.

In most revolutions, it’s when the Army sees the writing on the wall and turns on its masters that is the final act in the overthrow of any dictatorial regime, and perhaps that is precisely what will eventually have to happen. An officer corps can essentially not stop a rank and file rebellion without substantial support from elements of it. And then again, it is often the officers themselves who see the writing on the wall themselves and make the decisive decisions that topple the regimes.

Otherwise Hilary Clinton has praised the American Ambassador Ford for his courage when his car was pelted with stones and tomatoes. As though they would dare kill an American Ambassador. Poor chap. Apparently the eggs were replaced with stones when he was in his vehicle. One would hope she is also praising the thousands without escorted diplomatic immunity who are dying unarmed in the streets faced by tanks and heavily armed soldiers.

©Howard Gamble
29th September 2011

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