American Ambassador Pelted in Damascus

We are able to read that the American Ambassador to Syria was pelted with tomatoes and eggs when he visited an opposition leader in Damascus. Tomatoes and eggs? I wonder whether the choice of vegetables was of diplomatic  significance. The lack of Onions and cheese was, I must say, striking, from the point of view of making a good omelette. One can on the other hand understand, it being a Muslim city, the absence of bacon. As far as I could investigate no shoes were thrown, so the lackeys sent out by the murdering dictator Assad were no doubt instructed not to go too far. Just look what happened after nine-eleven.

A rather good Egg and Tomato recipe from the Middle East

Coded messages in the choice of missile are very difficult to read, unless of course they explode. Or if they are flowers. Then the message tends to be pretty clear. Being pelted by samoosas in South Africa would be a sublime experience. Lovely thing, a samoosa. But eggs and tomatoes? And they were nor even rotten, which would have been a massive escalation of the incident requiring UN mediation.

©Howard Gamble
30th September 2011

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