The War That Was Lost When it Started

I was truly wondering how long it would take before the obvious was finally printed. That illustrious organisation of prevarication, the United Nations, has released a report stating that there has been a 33% rise in “violent incidents” over the past year in Afghanistan. Not only that, which is the obvious part, but that the “Figures indicate that the Taliban have left the areas where NATO is increasing its numbers and going to where they are not”. In other words a finely tuned guerilla operation which recently has started targeting the “soft targets” – the Afghan administration working togehter with, or collaborating with in the eyes of the Taliban, as the withdrawal of NATO is imminent.

If NATO and the Afghan government do not know this already then their ignorance must be sublime. Of course they know it and are trying to figure out a way to spin the entire phenomenon to justify their repeated statements that they are winning the war, which they are not. In fact, as I have stated before and often, the war has already been lost. It was lost a long time ago. In fact one may almost go as far as to say that the war was lost the minute the Americans decided to put boots on the ground in that region.

Courageous Men and Women fighting a futile war

The enormous courage of the troops in this conflict, fighting the hardened, courageous to the point of suicidal Taliban, will, in time to come, have come to nothing. Whereas Al Quaida is a spent force, having lost its attraction to its backers, the new enemy, the Taliban, has been made immeasurably stronger, not weaker in this conflict, and one can fully expect that matters will again descend to the primitive levels that prevailed before nine-eleven, with the locally trained army, deeply infiltrated by the Taliban, no match for those fighters.

©Howard Gamble
29th September 2011

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