The Disunited, Unethical Nations and the Murderers amongst Us

The disgraceful news coming out of that disgraceful organisation, the United Nations, is that the EU nations are dropping the original call for immediate sanctions against Assad. And you want to know why. This is why:

The Buddy-Buddy System

Both Putin and the the Chinese, who have an excellent reputation for murdering their own unruly citizens, will Veto the bill. And that is about that.

So Assad has read the cards perfectly. He is a frontline State to Israel who everybody loves to hate, he has received the de facto support of the Arab League, Dictators all, by their silence, and he is sittting securely behind his Praetorian Guard who have sworn allegiance to him and not the nation and have murdered thousands of his own citizens and NOTHING is being done about it. At least thats what it looks like. The Arab League has shown that it is less than useless, and now the UN is proving itself to be what it always has been. A personal club for the exclusive Security Council. Turkey at least is showing that it has balls and the people of Syria themselves will not be denied in the long run.

And while this is all not happening, leading Libyan Islamists who were very cuddly with Ghaddafi who is most likely in Moscow are stampeding to prove that they were not so cuddly with him as one would like to believe. Doesn’t it all just make you want to puke with all these murderers amongst us?

©Howard Gamble
29th September 201

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