Wayne Rooney and his Hooker(s)

And now for something completely different.

Wayne Rooney is rather spiffed with himslef lately and this is what Rooney says about that very dramatic time when he suddenly decided to leave Uinited and then stay with United all in the space of a day or so:

“I’m thankful I ended up staying and signing because I said at the time after I signed my new contract that I had made a mistake and I owed performances and goals to the fans for what happened.

“It’s the best decision I’ve made in football career. To still be there and enjoying it, winning things and seeing the team coming through and playing the way it is, is fantastic. The average age of the side in the last two games has been 23. That’s great for the future for us and hopefully we can bring more success to Old Trafford.

“What I did say at the time was wrong and I admitted that. We’ve brought players in, which is great. I’m enjoying playing with these younger players. It is not only going forward where they help us, they do a bit more running as well which is always good for me.

“I’m enjoying it. I’m in a happy place both on and off the pitch. We’re playing a different way, a lot more high pressure on the opposing team and playing with a lot more energy and pace and that’s certainly helping us.”

The reality is that it is all spin, trying desperately to draw attention away from the fact that he had been caught with a hooker while his wife was heavily pregnant. He wanted to run away from the stick he was going to get. Fergie said, wait a minute, lets work this one out. Lets get in the spin doctor. And did it succeed? YES! John Terry was given a very hard time for doing his best friends wife on the sidelines, but the spin around Rooney was a masterpiece.

©Howard Gamble
31st August 2011

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