Now lets’ be sensible about things in Damascus

I feel as though I am on a swing right now. Libya, Syria, Libya, Syria.
And the subject now after writing about Libya earlier on is? Syria of course.

In Syria there are no armed mobs on the streets, only unarmed, innocent men, women and children demanding change. And they are being murdered by the Assad Gang. In town after town and city after city any signs of protest, almost all of it peaceful is being shelled and shot at by members of the armed forces, or should we call it the Praetorian Guard? Those loyal to Assad and not the people. Assisted by gangsters tolerated by the regime as long as they step in and do their bit when the poeple get out of hand.

And not a NATO plane in an azure blue sky to be seen. Nothing but words coming out of international councils sending envoys to the Court in Damascus to try to reason with the King. A Feudal system right smack at the start of the 21st Century.

The latest in a long litany of crimes is the torture and murder of at least 80 arrested people in the Assad dungeons. Their bodies bearing signs of all the horrors that torture chambers hold.That comes from Amnesty International. The demonstrations however, continue. Those people are incredibly brave. Not a gun amongst them but willing to face tanks.

Strange how duplicitous politicans are and what incredibly consistant liars they are.
The big stick for Ghaddafi on the one hand, and envoys to drink tea with Assad to discuss matters. ‘Our Geopolitical situation’ which Assad referred to, was spot on. The reason no one wants to do anything.

Ghaddafi is in a Desert in North Africa, little more than a madman with violent streaks in him. Allied himself with Russia against the Americans in the heady days ofthe Cold War, but that does not carry much weight anymore. Assad, on the other hand isright next to Israel, possibly the hottest topic on the political scene in the entire world today. Israel, the only working democracy and vibrant nation of hard workers in the region. Surrounded by hostile nations that would like to continue the policies of Adolf Hitler. One of them, the little one in Iran, has as much as said so.

Assads support

No one is Europe with its numerous anti-semites alive and well and thriving is going to do a thing to upset that balance, thus the tea parties instead of the bombs.

©Howard Gamble
31st August 2011

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