Metternich and his System

I have been thinking quite a bit about Metternich, the Good Lord only knows why,  and what he would have thought about the world today. The problem being with the Metternich System that it relied rather strongly on powerful States or rather Empires to work, and not only to work but to work together. In his ‘system’ to put it roughly, as this is not meant to be a political science forum, the mighty got together regularly and decided what’s what, in order to avoid war.

Dashingly stupid cavalrymen charging fixed cannon positions

Unfortunately war was often necessary in order to ensure peace and so forth and so on. And then we have to think away entirely today’s technological warfare. In his day and age, they placed men in rows with muskets and had cannons and dashing cavalrymen to harass the flanks and what not. Battles were fought from dawn to sunset, often with the civilian population as spectators.

Anyway, I have come to the conclusion that thinking about Metternich may be interesting for a short while but essentially futile as a key to understanding whats what nowadays.

So I will duly post a portrait of the chap and be done with him.

Metternich trying to look clever

©Howard Gamble

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