“Bremer Containers” or “Cash in the Trash”

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A bi-partisan (buddy-buddy) spending commission in the USA states has stated that the US wasted 30 billion dollars on contracts in Iraq and Afghanistan over the last decade. The commission published an opinion piece in the Washingtom Post two days before the report was to be released. I wonder why they did that? Security perhaps, in the event the government immediately classified the report as a danger to national security and removed it from the public eye. I am joking of course. Am I? I hope I am. The numbers do seem a bit low though which may get some really good team in the NYT onto the case, which will definitely get the attention of the taxpayer, the very last thing wanted under the Patriot Act.

The report stated that the waste fosters corruption in host (occupied) countries (no! Does it?) and diminishes the standing and influence of the US. Which of course is nonsense. The standing yes, because that has been diminshed to the realm of nano technology, but not influence. The US is mighty yet and still has hundreds of containers, now known by insiders as “Bremer Containers” packed with hundred dollar tax bills with which to buy influence in the countries it invades, and of course pay out blood money for those it kills collaterally. In the countries it invades it is not known as “buying influence”, it is known as bakshish, bribes. Either we buy you out or we blow you up. Its basically a protection racket. I mean they went ahead and spent 400 million US tax dollars on a prison that the Iraqu’i’s did not want, but which the contractor from the US certainly did. So not all the money vanished into foreign hands. Most of it most likely ended up back home.

Cash in the Trash

The commisssion was wise to go to print quickly, before the Patriot Act was ruthless apllied and the danger-to-the-country alert level was raised to a strong and dertemined orange heading for red, and we all know what that means.

©Howard Gamble
30th August 2011

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