Syrian tanks rushing here and there but not at Israel

And while we were all looking south in the direction of Tripoli we forgot all about Assad in Syria, but he has been a very busy little boy while the fickle attention of the world has been focused elsewhere. We are able to read that

“Syrian tanks and armoured vehicles have surrounded the town of Rastan, north of Homs, which has been the site of anti-regime dissent”, activists say. Those tanks are really getting some serious mileage on the clock, rushing about from town to town and city to city to deal with an irate population.

“Just as well they are not rushing towards Israel” Assad is thinking, “because then, in a very short time, I won’t have no tanks no  more and what the hell will I use to deal with the thousands of armed gangs that are giving me so much trouble? One can only use those Black-clad mafia guys for that long before the West catches on that its not the armed gangs that we are fighting, but the armed gangs that are fighting for us? And if I have no tanks, they will just go back to extortion, drug-running and  murder. Besides, they are notorious for switching sides when the going gets tough and then I will definitely be up shit creek, pardon the expression. And who the hell wants to live in Dubai on a permanent basis anyway? It may be good enough for the Pakistani leaders who, once they have taken their loot and run, settle down there until the army lets them come back, but I cant stand the place.”

A Syrian tank that once unwisely pointed at Israel

So while the Libyans are starting to get uppity and blaming each other for everything just as they always have done and the very reason why they need dictators to run the show, Assad has really been letting the activists in his neck of the woods have it, and all thats happening there is that the UN security council is deadlocked as what to do and so they are sending someone to talk to him. I am sure they will have a very nice chat and then the chappie from the UN will go back and report that he thought Assad was a really nice chap, and what a nice wife. Anyone with a wife as nice as that can’t be all bad! So lets just wait for five years and you’ll see, things will settle down again.

©Howard Gamble
29th August 2011

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