The Murderers Amongst us.

The Murderers are amongst us.

It is difficult to remain calm when one hears of tanks shelling civilians, using heavy-machine guns on crowds, the arrest of over ten thousand people 12.000 people while 3000 are reported missing. These are the statistics collected by the opposition and must be seen in that light, but their is little need to think they are way oiff the mark.

Assad, brought up in luxury and groomed for power in a family dynasty, is hardly the figure his father was, but has outdone him in brutality against his own people.

The United nations has now manouvered itself into a corner. While recognizing the rebels in Libya as the ligitimate government based on Ghaddafi’s oppresssion of his own people, they are doing little when it comes to¬†Syria where the crimes are as great and of equal character – despots determined to use their Pr√¶torian Guards to retain power no matter what the cost. Whereas the Libyan opposition seems to be making no cohernent headway despite air support from NATO, the Syrian people, unarmed are being murdered by Assad in their thoudands while NATO stand by and does nothing.

What is the Uniteds Going to do pray? Obama has used his rhetoric as are other leaders in the West, but no move is being made to declare his regime illigitimate. The Norwegians have a word for that – “Forsjellsbehandling”. Selective treatment.

The reasons one can imagine are manifold, but deepest amongst them is the anti-Israeli body, that has adamantly refused to recognize that the one state in the Middle East that is a functioning democracy, is Israel. The remainder are ruled by despots, and violent despots that have shown that they have no qualms at all about repressing their own people and murdering them on a large scale if needs be.

The current leaders of the Democratic West are a rather pathetic lot when one comes to think of it. Indecisive, vascillating, complacent. Bush and Blair left a rather large vacuum.

The time has come not to contain Assad, placate Assad, restrict his movement and freeze his bank balances. The time has come to remove Assad and his cronies and send them for trial in the Hague. Throw in Mugabe and his gang and do the world a favour. There is indeed a long list, but lets start where it is most obvious.

Howard Gamble
31st July 2011

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