The Dentist from Damascus again

The Dentist from Damaskus

Hungary. That’s what I thought when I read the news about Syria this morning. The Soviet Union sending in its tanks to crush the Hungarian uprising, just as Assad is doing now in the town of Hama.
The tanks have crushed the barricades are firing their heavy machine guns at civilians and snipers have been placed on the roofs to take out the leaders, if they can distinguish them 1t all.Dozens are being killed by their own brutal government.
At what point will the United Nations declare Assad and his regime outlaws as they have done with Ghaddafi, or, in that corrupted body, is the Arab and African block that support him too strong, too anti-Israel or too self-concerned about their own conduct back home coming under scrutiny? Most likely a combination of all of that.
Reports are coming in that people throwing stones at tanks are being gunned down.
Crimes against Humanity? Definitely. No doubt about that one, but Assad is probably looking south at Egypt with Mubarrak on the point of facing trial for murder, and is in no mind to end up in the same situation.
The question is now whether the lame duck United Nations will come with another lame-duck statement concerning Syria which will do no more than further reduce its prestige, (The UN that is) if it ever had any, in the eyes of the World.

syrians on the streets

Methinks the time is drawing very near when Assad and his cronies need to make their appearance in the Hague, when the situation reaches the point where it can no longer be contained or crushed and the body counts of citizens murdered runs into the hundreds and possibly thousands.

And then, irrationally, from somewhere in the very recesses of the mind, I winder what Jimmy Carter is thinking about it all?

Howard Gamble
31st JUly 2011

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