Those Darned Taxes

This morning I woke up to the news that Apple Corporation has more money than the United States Government. No? Not possible I thought. Walmart perhaps, with all its slave labour, but Apple?

more money than obama

That anonalogy was enought to make me drop the morning coffee. I really did not need more excitement in my day.

Obama is pumping out 200 billion dollars a month in his bid to spend his way out of the crisis long after the point has been reached where he has to take a few steps back and say Does this Keynsian crap really work in a global economy? Who the hell was it that sold me that crap idea in the first place!?

There are hundreds of thousands of people now in jobs basically doing what their compatriots in the Soviet Union did in the days of zero unemployment. Staring at the ceiling or counting how many times middle management takes a toilet break and with whom.

That said I have been trying to think of ways out of this crisis. Obama could of course ask Steve Jobs for a loan, but Steve will just tell him to solve his own problems and leave Apple alone. He could try selling Alaska back to the Russians at an enormous profit and at the same time solve the Sarah Palin problem. There are just so many things he could do. Ohio and Utah have plenty of space that could be sold to the Mexicans. That could have the dual benefit of solving the immigration problem. Sell a few Carrier Groups to the Japanese? If he does not want to sell all those assets he could follow a line from the Palestinians. Withdraw to the original borders of the Thirteen States, and give the rest back to the Native American Indians from which it was all stolen anyway, then lease it from them.

But there is one word on the tip of my tongue that eludes me completely. It will come If I just keep bashing away at the old brainstorming. Stabilize the prize of gas perhaps? No thats not it. Something to do with the highways? Mmmm.

I have it! but its two words. “Raise Taxes”.

Boy that took some time and it was right there in front of me all the time.

Howard Gamble

30th June 20111


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