Howard Zinn and Sunshine

Weekends are supposed to be the time when people have the chance to do a bit of reading and I have been told that they also like to see stories illustrated with pictures. Its supposed to be with attention span decreases in modern times. Things move so fast that the mind needs something to grab onto and as fewer people are linguistically talented than graphically (I just made that up). So If one illustrates the texts the chances of having people remember them increase geometrically, whatever that means but it really sounds cool so why not use it?

I have been reading a lot of Howard Zinn lately, his Alternative History of the USA and MAN, does that guy make a hard-hitting, left-wing, commie point.
From a philosophical point of view, observing History through the eyes of the losers is quite a brilliant idea. It implies empathy and hopefully sympathetic empathy, which can be extended all the way into daily life.

Reading him does, however, really mess with my childhood. I ughed and ughed as I was shot a thousand times by six-gun wielding dudes who really knew has to spin that gun before flicking it back into the holster and spitting in the dirt. There was no doubt who the heroes were and who not. Zinn has also seriously disturbed my love of John Wayne Western Movies. And my childish love of John Wayne himself. No one could lean against a log cabin wall like he could.

stagecoach chased by indians

But I forgive him (Zinn) both, especially John Wayne. It was about time he was torn down from his pedestal, like Saddam Hussein, albeit it for different reasons.The man needed walking lessons. Now a whole nation drags its feet in slowtime to make a point.

What Zinn does, like him or not, is battle complacency, and for that he needs to be on the syllabus of every high school book in the USA.

He battles that complacency which imagines that the sun shines out of its American arse. Which brings me to think that he should be put on the Norwegian school syllabus as well, because they have the same opinion of themselves.

Now where can I find an illustration for that one?

the sun is shining

Howard Gamble
30th July 2011

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