The Untimely Demise of Springer Spanial Todd

Springer Spaniel Todd

The seven-year-old police dog, Springer Spaniel Todd, who started his career as a hunting dog before transferring to police work as a drug-detecting dog, has tragically died of an overdose.
The policeman Roger Moore, (no relation), and his family, with whom Todd resided until his untimely demise, are sorely affected by the loss, the BBC would have us know.
Todd died on the job. He was inspecting a “suspicious car” (it was actually the owner of the car who was under suspicion, not the car itself, but what the hell), sniffing about as drug-sniffing dogs are wont to do, but in his unbridled enthusiasm to impress the management, managed to snort a large quantity of amphetamines. Yapping as one possessed with eyes aglow, he was rushed to a specialist team of dog veterinarians at the University of Lancaster, but they were lamentably unable to save his life.
As Howard’s End goes into print the final autopsy report is not known, but all facts point to death by overdose.
It is not reported whether Todd had a drug-related problem before the incident.

Howard Gamble
Alonissos, Greece, 2004

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