Wiki is Leaking

Wiki is leaking.
What a lovely name. Wikileaks. The name in itself has the immense appeal of a title of a Fairy Tale. It could be used in Nursery rhymes. Children would soak it up. Maybe a few people in the States, deeply disturbed by the way their government is and has been conducting Foreign Policy, are going to name their children Wikileak. Or just Wiki. “Hey Wiki! Now you come here girl!”
But Wikileaks is not of course a Fairy Tale, despite its being Grimm. It is sobering reality. It’s about war and the precise way that war is being reported by those who conduct it.
Not only is it sobering reality, where battle logs are being made available for public consumption, but it’s what a hippie would call Karma. Payback time. The self-righteous American crusade against the infidel is being exposed. In this modern day of information the only amazing thing about it all is that it has taken so long for someone like Wiki to appear and start leaking.
And then we have the question of who exactly is leaking all this information to Wiki? Where is Wiki getting it from? One could easily imagine at least a battalion of serving American soldiers who too are deeply disturbed by the way their civilian leaders are conducting American Foreign Policy, and misusing the power they, the Armed Forces of the USA are supposed to wield in defense of freedom, democracy, the right to be happy, rich and all that stuff. So why not leak to Wiki. General McCrystal most likely got fired because he told that smooth-talking, slick nonentity the Vice-President (forget his name, but he got something like 18.000 out of about 40.000.000 votes in the primaries) more or less the same when he popped in for a visit to Afghanistan. That the policy is misguided, wrong and that the war cannot be won in the way it is currently being fought.
And the American Government, with young Barak of transparency, hope, faith, love and change fame in charge, along with the houses of Congress is going Ape-Shit. They are now threatening cyber-war against Wiki, because Wiki is leaking precisely what they do not want Wiki to leak. They say it is going to harm the bys and girls who are out there in harm’s way. Instead of asking the question why the boys and girls are out there in the first place, but that is another issue. Back to the point. Wiki is doing exactly the same as those few photographs of American thugs torturing and abusing prisoners did – removing the clothes of the Emperor. Remember them. The snap shots sent home to mama? Young Barak, despite saying that that was precisely what he was going to do when he was running for President, managed to stop the release of the really bad images immediately after he became President because that would have harmed the boys and girls out there. He also pardoned the CIA and everyone in it. Guantanamo Bay has not been closed down. But Young Barak’s about-face is really beside the point in this context.
Now they are going to try to stop Wiki from leaking as well. Problem being of course that Wiki is leaking from a European zone. They can’t just send in the DEA, the FBI, the CIA, a few SWAT Teams, a few Rangers, Apache helicopters and a carrier Group to close it all done, arrest those responsible and lock them away forever for treasonable activities. It’s coming from a country famed for its non-aggressive, peaceful attitudes. The Kingdom of Sweden. Tiny little peaceful Sweden that has stayed well out of anything even remotely resembling war ever since Napoleon. Going about its docile, social democratic ways and not really liking the way its King is conducting his private affairs.
Wiki is in fact doing what any democracy in the world should do – make available for the citizens exact details about what its armed forces are up to. And if there’s stuff in the leaks that Wiki is leaking that is difficult to swallow, then golly gee, the Constitution of the United States of America, explicitly, implicity, outplicity, overplicity and categorically states that it is the right and possibly even the duty of the citizen to rise up and overthrow a government that abuses its power. So all those who are leaking to Wiki are exercising their Constitutional Right.
More the pity that ALL of the images of abuse and torture in American prisons in Iraq and Afghanistan and God knows where else that Young Barack stopped are not being leaked as well. About bloody time, if you ask me, that the torturers are exposed to daylight. The trials against Blackwater have fallen apart, the CIA has been pardoned, every single one of them, The Gang of Four are well-guarded and enjoying life, happiness, freedom and all that behind impenetrable rings of armed security and now they are screaming at the top of their voices that the boys and the girls out there are being harmed by Wiki leaking exact details about what is going on and what they started.
The boys and girls are not in the long run harmed by images and information being made available. They are saved by it.
Bring it on Wiki! The Constitution of the USA demands it of you!
Howard Gamble
November 25th 2010

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