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Normandy 1

Well, for me this is about as close as one gets to perfection. I had imagined what Arromanche and my little hotel would be like, but reality has finally exceeded expectation. Especially after the drive from Paris and the five … Continue reading

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Monkey Business

Monkey Business It as reported that monkeys have a sense of justice. Scientists constructed an experiment whereby monkeys were given tokens, which they could exchange for food after performing special tasks. They were rewarded with either cucumber or grapes. Monkeys … Continue reading

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The Untimely Demise of Springer Spanial Todd

Springer Spaniel Todd The seven-year-old police dog, Springer Spaniel Todd, who started his career as a hunting dog before transferring to police work as a drug-detecting dog, has tragically died of an overdose. The policeman Roger Moore, (no relation), and … Continue reading

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Faith and Constipation

Faith and Constipation The BBC will have us know that archaeologists in Germany say they may have found the very lavatory where Martin Luther launched the Reformation. The stone room is in a newly-unearthed annex to Luther’s house in Wittenberg. … Continue reading

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Athletic Number Theory

Athletic number-theory In the 2002 World Athletic Championships, in the 100meter sprint for women, three female runners came in 1st, 2nd and 3rd, as they are wont to in such races and duly received the gold, silver and bronze medals … Continue reading

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Rambling On

These are the days of Wimbledon. Soon it will be the Tour de France. United won the League a short while ago. Barcelona smashed them in the Champions League final. The Superbowl is always a wonderful spectacle as is the … Continue reading

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O for a bit of Realpolitikk

What on Earth has happened to good old Realpolitikk? Surfing the news I picked up on a few tidbits concerning Iran, Israel and the Iranian Nuclear program. The usual stuff. The United Nations squabbling away, talk of sanctions, the Iranians … Continue reading

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A Journey into the Past. 2

On the eve of my departure for Normandy thoughts and emotions flourish and it is difficult not to resort to statistics to water down the dust that clogs the throat and the eyes. Normandy was the martyr that saved the … Continue reading

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By Far the Best News of the Day

The BBC would have us know that The Monty Python members John Cleese, Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin and Terry Jones have re-united to do the voice bits for a 3D animated film based on the memoirs of the late Graham … Continue reading

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A Journey into the Past. 1

Well here I am, sorting out medicines, packing, books and maps (more essential than anything else – armed with Beevor and Hastings) getting ready to fulfill a dream. Fly tomorrow to Paris and then drive to the little town of … Continue reading

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