My name is Howard Gamble. I have lived several lives in many, many countries. Originally from South Africa. Born, bred, fought and fled.

I have been a Sportsman, a Soldier in several conflicts, a Teacher, a Cultural Administrator, a free-lance Journalist, a War Journalist a Singer and a Bum. Mostly a Bum. My Great Subject is History, especially the phenomenon of National Socialism in the 20th century. The greatest inhumanity to man throughout known history, especially the genocide against the Jews. I have been around the block a few times and write about human affairs. Not international relations, politics, sport, culture, education, war and all that, but about human relations. About man and his incredible ability to fool himself, his propensity for destruction and his ability to illuminate the world with high art. In other words, about all of the above but not always in the context expected. In fact, seldom within the context expected. I often wonder what context means. This is my modest personal venture. Howard’s End is my view of events, my thoughts. It is my small attempt at Bearing Witness, thus the choice of the photograph of me at the gates of Birkenau.

This site is not a blog. It does not invite to running opinion. If anyone wishes to contact me personally they may do so but I will not respond to anonymous messages and delete them as they appear. The “Leave a reply” box seems to be irremoveable, so ignore it.

It is something I have long wished to do – write whatever I like on any theme I like without the interference or illucidation of an editor. All the posts (except a few by close friends) are mine and mine alone and I assume both copywrite and responsibility for all content. It’s my own Private Newspaper and makes me no income whatsoever.

Getting this site up and running would not have been possible without my best friend, Kjell E, a veritable pillar of support through all the good and especially the very bad times. Always there when needed or not. Unlike others, never deserts a comrade in dire need.  Now my Webmaster.

Otherwise, for whatever it’s worth, this venture is dedicated to all those Warriors, current and ex, who suffer from PTSD. It’s what I mainly do to keep my wolves from the door. And for my precious granddaughter Erika. When I’m pushing daisies and she’s all grown up, she can read what Nono thought about and how he thought about it.

Howard Gamble

Oslo, Norway


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